After an economic downturn, disaster or other major community struggle, litigation and legal work soars. Pandemic, business closures, layoffs and lack of work, civil unrest, theft-these will all be additional sources of legal work headed your way.

Courts reopening: backlog of litigated cases, records reviews, filings and research
Expanded legal work given the circumstances: property damage, theft, personal injury
Increase in fraud: insurance, property, workers’ compensation, liability, disability, medial, scams to steal stimulus checks and benefits,
Employment law: wage and hour, workplace matters, workers’ rights, workers’ compensation claims, wrongful termination, COVID-19 specific claims
Divorce and family law: additional strain on marriages with stay-at-home orders, financial struggles, custody matters

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What you can do now to prepare for the barrage of legal work coming:

1. Make sure you have your operational systems in top order
2. Staff up to handle the onslaught of additional work
3. Partner with valuable and necessary resources to get the job done, professionally and efficiently

Keystone Investigative Services is fully equipped and ready to handle all of your investigative needs. Our job is to make your job easier! Let us be your Sherpa and help you navigate through the deluge of new work headed your way.