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1. Attorneys ~

Keystone Investigative Services is at the forefront of experts in field of litigation support and multi-faceted investigations.  Our legal investigators excel in complex fact finding and data analysis with a proven track record of success. We understand that attorneys need a competent, legally-knowledgeable investigative firm to provide fast, complete and accurate results.  Let us be your quarterback, managing our team of resourceful experts for your case’s every need.  Whether you require assistance with discovery, due diligence or multi-dimensional fact finding investigations for complex legal matters, we are here to provide you with excellence in investigative services.

We have extensive experience in investigating high-profile cases.   Keystone investigators understand the sensitive nature of such matters and always maintain the highest level of confidentiality.   Working closely with our clients, we provide tailor-made investigative solutions to produce valuable information products.  We are experts in the following:

  • Background and asset investigations
  • Multi-faceted investigations for litigation
  • Locate a person
  • Service of process; standard & difficult
  • Identifying a career plaintiff
  • Pre-litigation research and information gathering
  • Check for outside sources of income or outside sources of stress
  • Identify prior injuries
  • Identify and secure records
  • 3D fact finding through cyber and social networking research
  • Discover information that shines light on someone’s credibility
  • Identify indicators that a claimant is acting outside their restrictions
  • Conduct due diligence searches
  • Assistance with domestic matters; divorce, custody, heir searches
  • Professional jury surveys

Check out our full line of services on our “services page” for more ways in which we regularly assist our attorney clients with legal matters. Call us any time for a complementary strategy session on information sources available for your case.

2. Insurance, TPAs & Self Insured ~

Fraud amounts to between $125 billion and $175 billion annually; including everything from bogus Medicare claims to kickbacks for worthless treatments and other services.

– Four Faces of Insurance Fraud, Coalition against Insurance Fraud

One out of every five U.S. adults (that’s about 45 million people) say it’s acceptable to defraud insurance companies.

– California Department of Insurance’s 2007 annual report

Every $1 invested in workers’ compensation anti-fraud efforts has returned $6.17 (or $260.3 million total).

– California Insurance Department

Investigators at Keystone Investigative Services are experts in insurance claims investigations.  We have over a decade of experience in field investigations and research with a proven track record of success.  Keystone has been successful in developing information that allows our insurance clients to reduce indemnity dollar payouts by identifying questionable insurance claims with inconsistencies, exaggerations and potential fraud.

We tailor our investigations to meet each insurance carrier, third party administrator or self insured client’s specific needs while allowing you to have full control over the investigative directives, depth of research and budget. With our years of professional experience, skilled expertise and lean operating framework, we offer our clients an exclusive product with unsurpassed value.  We regularly conduct the following investigations:

  • Identify prior injuries for apportionment
  • Develop information to help you determine if a claimant is acting outside of their restrictions, exaggerating a claim or malingering
  • Check for outside sources of income or outside sources of stress
  • Conduct background investigations or locate people
  • Help identify possible fraudulent claims
  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Locate and obtain medical or court records
  • Surveillance / Activity Checks / Alive and Well Checks
  • Subrogation, Claims, AOE/COE
  • Due Diligence / Information Checks
  • Obtain Police or Traffic Reports
  • Site Inspections / Photographs
  • Assistance with heir or beneficiary searches
  • Cyber Investigations / Social Networking Research

Check out our full line of services on our “services page”.  Call us today to submit an assignment.

3. Corporations & Businesses ~ Our corporate and workplace investigation division works diligently to provide specialized services to our business clients.  Workplace issues can have a significant impact a company in many ways: financially, in productivity, employee morale and reputation. Using state of the art investigative techniques we provide legal, unbiased and discreet investigations that are thorough and accurate.  Investigations are customized to your specific needs in order to provide you with the best possible information to make an informed decision.  We’d be happy to assist you with:

  • Conducting threat assessments
  • Providing  background investigations or asset investigations
  • Business Investigations
  • Locating Individuals
  • Investigating red flag workers’ compensation claims
  • Work place investigations: harassment, theft, drugs, embezzlement
  • Undercover investigations
  • Research for your Business Ventures / Partnerships / Mergers
  • Document Retrieval / Court Records Review
  • Due Diligence / Information Checks
  • Service of Process
  • Obtain Police or Traffic Collision Reports
  • Site inspections /Photographs
  • Cyber Investigations / Social Networking Research

Check out our full line of services on our “services page” for more ways in which we regularly assist our Corporate and Business clients.  Feel free to give us a call any time to discuss the resources available to you for any situation.

4. Private Clients ~ Keystone Investigative Services also offers an array of services to private clients and the entertainment industry. Whether you are looking for assistance in a domestic matter, making a decision on a business venture or have a pending court case, we are here to assist you; professionally, discreetly and confidentially.  We are capable of handling anything from simple records checks to multi-million dollar lawsuits.  Each and every one of our clients are treated with dignity and respect.  Our services are tailored to your specific and unique needs and we will work hard to be sure that all available information is discovered so that you can make informed decisions.

Please contact our office directly to discuss your investigative needs.  One of our knowledgeable investigators would be happy to speak with you.