To all our clients,

We are living in unique times. The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone from our families, to our businesses and community.  Keystone Investigative Services, Inc. would like to assure you that we are taking measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff, while continuing to remain in full operation to serve our clientele.

We Got This!

As investigators, we are particularly equipped to handle such dynamic situations. By profession, we regularly have to pivot, re-prioritize and triage pressing issues in our normal environment. We have to remain creative to find solutions to road blocks and press on to ensure that we can still compile results and information for our client’s needs. These challenging time are no different. We will continue to do what we do best, and be there to help support you, your firm and your clients.

Supporting our Employees

Starting this week, we are shifting our office staff to remote, work-from-home capabilities. Our field investigators are already familiar with off-site work, and have perfected the methods of secure, electronic data transfer.  Infrastructure has been implemented to allow our office staff to work remotely, in a fashion that practices good data security hygiene.  Our staff has been thoroughly trained to understand and put into practice measures that will ensure the continuity of our work flow, and the protection of sensitive information which we handle for our cases.

Ensuring Service Continuity for our Clients

We are a small business that relies on your need for our services to continue in operation. Our company is open and capable of handling all your investigative and legal support needs.  Please let us know how we can best serve you at this time. Tell us how your current needs may have shifted and let us tailor solutions to help you maintain your own business continuity. Get out ahead of the court backlogs that will occur due to temporary closures by allowing us to work on your cases and gather information utilizing the multi-faceted approach which we do best; ensuring that all the information related to a matter is compiled, enabling you to best represent your clients.

We are here, we are able, and we are ready to take on anything you want assistance with – our job is to make your job easier. 

That said, some services may experience delays because of various public agencies and businesses closing. Please be patient with our team as we work through this together.