Keystone Investigative Services is a proud member of NCISS (The National Council of Investigative and Security Services). Keystone’s founder and lead investigator, Kelly Cory, has recently been elected as Regional Director for the organization. Cory’s representation in Region 6 extends to eight states along the West Coast including Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Nevada.

          NCISS takes on the important role of monitoring legislation proposed by law makers on the national level that could have an unintended direct impact on how legal investigative and security professionals conduct their work. It is important to create laws that protect people’s privacy and to prevent data breaches. We recognize and encourage such legislation when it is introduced in Congress. The way the laws get written however, can inadvertently exclude access to data even with a legitimate reason/purpose, that of which to conduct a lawful investigation.

          There is a common misbelief that police departments can handle everything. Investigative and security professionals take on cases such as elder abuse, pre-employment background checks, missing children, identity theft, online scams and insurance fraud when police often don’t have the resources to fully assist. There is an essential need for investigators in our society, and legislation created without understanding of this can adversely affect the ability for investigators to protect society in these ways.

          In coalition with state associations nationwide, NCISS offers many ways in which legal professionals can get involved in raising awareness about proposed legislation.

          If you, your law firm or legal support agency is aware of any legislation being proposed which may impede our profession, reach out to us so that we may be the voice and representation of our industry. We also invite you to become a member of the NCISS community and join a united front dedicated to preserving the integrity and ability of the security and investigative professions to continue their crucial and necessary work.