Timely investigations can identify compliance and document violations in franchise or non-compete agreements, and any patent or trademark infringements, in order for you to enact prompt enforcement of these valuable corporate assets for your clients.

 Investigations & Documentation: 

*Franchise Compliance, Enforcement of Use and Standards
*Trademark or Patent Infringement
  – including use of proprietary branding, trade dress, core 
    services/products/resources, trade secrets & confidential information
*Unfair Competition, Non-Compete Agreement Violations
*Service of Cease and Desist Orders
*Corporate and Workplace Investigations
*Ongoing Compliance Audits and Documentation

How is Keystone Investigative Services different?
*Over 35 years experience – renowned for high quality investigations
*We serve hundreds of top named corporations and their law firms
*Expert field, research and undercover investigators across the U.S.
*Experienced with declarations, affidavits and court appearances
*State of the art investigative technology and techniques
*Provide in-depth analysis & data synthesis
*Personal attention & excellent customer service
*Client-directed investigative scope, depth of research and budget
*Fast turnaround time for results